New post: New Freedom Collection

FREEDOM is a new programme which has the very clear intention of elevating furniture design to such a comprehensive level of what the bathroom needs. The proposed finish, both in the wood and in the enhancements, has involved lacquer with new colour schemes. A new type of classification with regards to the top surfaces, such as washbasin surfaces in ceramic stoneware and laminated HPL besides other in resin material like Ocritech, has been introduced. As can be seen in the photographs, we are introducing new type of styling, thanks to innovative units which are for daily use. We have taken extra care in designing a new system of openings. Especially when curvature surfaces are involved especially in cupboards and drawers where handles have been hidden as part of the design. So this programme has been revitalized by adding new ideas but always faithful to our way of interpreting bathroom furniture.

Arredo bagno di design